Brand Story

Founder introduction

Alice, the founder of KIWIRD, grew up in a medical family and has always attached great importance to a healthy and quality life since childhood.
Years of oral disease troubled her. Seeing that her relatives and friends suffered from the same problem, she wondered if there was any product that could help people live a healthy and quality life.
Because Alice used to be a doctor, after many times of communication with friends and dentists, she learned that electric toothbrush products can effectively reduce common oral diseases such as bad breath, yellow teeth, tooth sensitivity and dental caries. With experience in manufacturing, the idea of ​​producing and developing electric toothbrushes came into being.
Let people live a healthy and quality life is Alice's philosophy and the original intention of creating the Kiwibird brand.

Brand Story

KIWIBIRD, the national bird from New Zealand, means Romantic,Minimalist but Elegant.

Kiwibird, a oral care brand adhering to science, effectiveness and fun. Adhere to the personal care field with the spirit of craftsman, integrate innovation and delicate design, bring happy and healthy life experience to every user, and devote into create a 2m² chic life!
In the future, kiwibird will continue to deepen the field of oral care, so that every user can experience unique high-quality products.

Your Healthy and Chic life starts with KIWIBIRD!