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K5 Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Oral Care

Electric toothbrushes offer the optimal oral hygiene due to their softer bristles and sonic vibrations, which remove more plaque and bacteria than manual toothbrushes with less effort and superior cleaning.

Clean Between Teeth

Water flossers are an effective and gentle way to remove plaque and bacteria, decreasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. They're much kinder on sensitive gums than traditional string floss, providing longer lasting results.

Why Choose KIWIBIRD?

As an industry pioneer in oral oral hygiene research and development, our electric toothbrushes and flossers stand out with superior features and unique designs compared to other commercially available oral care items.

2-layer Bristles

2-layer bristles of an KIWIBIRD electric toothbrush not only gently clean your teeth's surface, but they also massage your gums to reduce bleeding and relieve tooth sensitivity.

Sonic care

Electric Toothbrush

Sterilization Function

Sterilizing flosser water tank reduces the risk of oral infections and diseases by keeping it free of bacteria and other hazardous materials.

Oral Flosser

Dental Flosser

Exquisite Gift Box

The most exquisite box comes with a beautiful and elegant design, which makes it perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

For the one you care about

KIWIBIRD's Mission

Oral diseases are a serious issue that can cause immense pain and discomfort. KIWIBIRD recognize the significance of maintaining good healthy teeth and strive to ensure no one has to endure the agony of a toothache. With our products and services, everyone has access to top-notch oral care options.

only care about you dental health

Frequently asked questions

How does the kiwibird compare to manual toothbrushes or other electric toothbrushes?

Kiwibird relies on a sonic care oral solution and an environmentally friendly rechargeable type, combined with the luxury and fun of beautiful packaging with the unique and safe feel of an electric toothbrush. The benefits we share with many electric toothbrushes are multiple speeds, sensitive vibrations, multi-coloured handles and 30 second pulses. The improvements we've made include dupont brush heads, sophisticated packaging and a fully waterproof design, we've also eliminated the extra modes, cords and bulky chargers you don't need, making the kiwibird suitable for everyone, every day,and everywhere.

How is Kiwibird powered?

All kiwibird electric toothbrushes are powered by rechargeable batteries. The excuse is type-c and the voltage of the plug should not be too high. If you use them properly, you will get a supercharged electric toothbrush with 6 hours of charge and up to 100 days of use, up to 360 days.

Can I return Kiwibird if not satisfied?

If you don't absolutely love your Kiwibird, we accept returns within 60 days of purchase. You should provide us with the relevant order number or shipping number, we will refund. As used toothbrush heads cannot be used by anyone else, we will take a charge from this.