Collection: Sonic Toothbrush For Sensitive Teeth

A Sonic Toothbrush Designed For Sensitive Teeth

Care About Your Sensitive Teeth

Combination of sonic vibrations and unique 2-layer bristles gently cleans teeth and gums while being mild enough not to cause discomfort.

A Sonic Toothbrush Designed For Sensitive Teeth

K5 Sonic Toothbrush

Offers 5 different brushing modes and can be adjusted to 3 levels using the vibration.

K1mini Sonic Toothbrush

Less than 50 decibels of noise. The compact size and kit make it perfect for travel.

K3 Sonic Toothbrush

Waterproof and rechargeable with 3 modes is a great sonic toothbrush for all ages.

K5 Sonic Toothbrush For Couples


With 3-5 different smart brushing modes, including sensitive, clean and care,whitening and polishing modes are also available. Each mode can be adjusted to three levels of intensity.

5 modes and 3 strengths


With a battery that lasts for over 60 days on one charge, this is the perfect partner for busy lifestyles.

No batteries Eco-friendly


IPX7 all round seamless waterproof has been designed to meet your needs. The waterproof design allows you to brush your teeth in the shower, bath or even the pool.

Sonic Clean

Sonic care teeth emoves stains and polishes teeth in a few strokes, softening gums and eliminating sore jaw and swollen gums.