Kiwibird, founded in 2003, is a professional oral care brand.
We regard "committed to providing users with more effective oral care solutions" as our brand mission. Based on stomatology, we have an in-depth understanding of the oral care needs of different users, create a series of "aesthetic, interesting and effective" oral care products for users.

Our Mission
“To improve human's
oral health worldwide.”
3.5* billion +
people suffer from oral diseases.
(*1/2 The world's population)

Our Vision
“To be the world's most
trusted oral care brand”
1 Billion Users
We hope to improve the oral health of
1 billion people worldwide in 10 years.
If we could
help 1 billion users to reduce the risk of oral disease, it
will be able to reduce tens of billions of social medical expenditures.
If we could
serve our product to 1 billion users, we believe
that we will become a great brand that fills us
with pride.


450+ Technical Patents
After 7 years of hard work, we have come up with a series of
core inventions and over 450 core patents.

4 Dental Laboratories
We firmly uphold the value of independent research and development, exemplified by our establishment of four state-of-the-art laboratories. This strategic investment enables us to deliver products that are distinguished by their professionalism, innovation, and efficacy.
Human Body
Efficacy Testing
In Vitro
Efficacy Testing
Hardware Testing
Raw Material and
Formulation Testing

kiwibird is widely renowned worldwide.
Certificated by America
Dental Association
50 million+
Users Worldwide