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KIWIBIRD K5 Smart Sonic Toothbrush Electric

KIWIBIRD K5 Smart Sonic Toothbrush Electric

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10 years focus on sensitive oral brand
Focus on sensitive丨Professional gum care

60%* of
Chinese people have had tooth sensitivity problems

Tooth state self-examination
Normal: a mouth of iron teeth, cold, hot, sour, sweet and everything to eat
Mild sensitivity: brushing teeth occasionally bleeding, subconsciously choose room temperature, soft food
Severe sensitivity: sore teeth under hot and cold stimulation, frequent bleeding, afraid to bite hard objects

U.S. FDA approved
Food grade bristles
Soft and non-invasive, more suitable for Asian mouth, protect teeth and gums
Reduce tooth sensitivity

Exclusive double-layer dental implant bristles
Cleans teeth and gums
Different bristles designed for teeth and gums
Take care of gums and soothe sensitivity

Leading in China
Magnetic levitation acoustic motor
Patented magnetic levitation acoustic motor drives energy in the periodontium
Formation of cavity effect, tartar has no place to hide
41000 times/minute

300 days of service life
One rinse, one year of brushing
New Type-C charging port

15 kinds of dental care programs
5 modes 3 strength adjustments, no gum damage
No bleeding phenomenon

Intelligent pressure control and shock absorption
Prevent sensitive teeth from arising
Using too much strength will automatically decelerate to reduce gum and
Enamel damage, reduce tooth sensitivity

Product name: Kiwi K5 Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Color: white / green / pink / Dyson color
Life: electric toothbrush full once available for about 300 days
Function mode. Sensitive mode / cleaning mode / massage mode / white mode / polishing mode
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