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Kiwibird Facial Massage Brush Head

Kiwibird Facial Massage Brush Head

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Cleansing and shaping

V shape face


Deep and gentle cleaning experience

Food grade silicone

Skin-friendly feel

High-density flocking


Multi-level upgrade soft cleansing brush

Tooth care and face cleansing, the transformation from tooth to skin


Front Face cleasing

Thick bristle

Easy to clean the nosewing and T-zone and other oily area

Thin bristle

Tender cleansing for sensitive and delicated zone


Back massage

Fully massage the facial skin

Skin rejuvenation

Open skin pores

Deep clean face 

Soft brush head and sonic micro-vibration

Sonic micro-vibration helps to open skin pores

Minimize the cleaning molecules and penetrate into the bottom of the skin to take away the hidden dirt

High-density and soft bristles reduce damage to the stratum corneum of the skin

High-density flocking silicone bristles

Soft brush bristles, gentle and comfortable

Two color choices, extraordinary personality

Soft brush bristles, gentle and comfortable

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Normal nozzle

Designed with precision and innovation, this nozzle harnesses the power of water to remove plaque and debris from those hard-to-reach areas.

Orthodontic nozzle

Orthodontic nozzles are designed to clean teeth and braces, thoroughly rinsing food debris from the crevices of orthodontic teeth as well as inside braces to relieve bad breath.

Sensitive nozzle

Sensitive nozzle is gentle on sensitive teeth.

  • The silicone tip gently conforms to the teeth and cares for sensitive gums.
  • The built-in water pressure reduction feature ensures a gentle flow of water reducing the incidence of bleeding gums.