About Kiwibid

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----About Kiwibird----

     Established in 2015, Kiwibird brand, mainly products include adult sonic toothbrush K series,Kids toothbrush D series, and other personal oral care products. Since the establishment of brand, we have always adhered to the mission of “Wishes people all over the world with a good teeth”,to make people live a better and healthier life. 

     With our high quality products,reasonable price and outstanding customer service,our products are not only welcome by retailers,distributors, brand agents, supermarket chains,but also widely poplur with dentists and oral hospitals,social group,etc. all over the world.

----Origin Of Brand----

       There is a ancient myth story in New Zealand: Long long time ago,the forest was destroyed by tree worms,local people live in disaster. One day,the kiwibirds came out,they fought and ate all the tree worms,to save the forest and people. Since then,the kiwibirds becomes the national bird of New Zealand, they are the angels in people's heart...       

       Todoy,Kiwibird comes to China, with a more bigger dream:  to be a super angel of oral care ! To be the most reliable century-old friend of people. 

       To make people with a good teeth, to make their life full of confidence and smile, and smile more beautiful, this is our initial intention to establish the Kiwibird brand sonic electric toothbrush.

Brand Concept

  • Brand Vision: Make People Live A Better& Healthier Life                                                         

  • Brand Mission: Make People With A Good Teeth                                               

  • Brand Core Value: Integrity, Innovation, Achievement